Many of the local Indian restaurants have Chinese-influenced dishes on their menus – like Hakka noodles, Szechuan masala or chicken Manchurian.

This is because Chinese food is actually really popular in India. Chinese immigrants introduced it as street food more than 100 years ago. It’s been adapted to Indian tastes with Indian flavours over the years, and the winning dishes form a mini-cuisine of their own.

See the foodster post on: Chinese food, Indian-style

What to try 

Chicken or vegetable Manchurian – fritters doused in a fiery sauce of onion, chilli, garlic, vinegar and soy

Chicken lollipops – fried spicy chicken on the bone

Hakka noodles – flat broad noodles with vegetables and flavours like chilli and cumin

Schezwan masala – the Sichuan province of China is famous for its fiery, numbing pepper. These dishes incorporate this spice into a classic Indian spice mix with chicken/veges/fish etc

Paneer or chicken 65 – cubes of chicken or paneer cheese dipped in a chilli-flavoured batter and then deep-fried

Where to find Indo-Chinese food in Sandringham

Paradise – 591 and 595 Sandringham Road – has a separate section on Indian Chinese food

Bawarchi – 519-523 Sandringham Road – find the dishes above throughout their menu.

Satya Chai lounge – 515a Sandringham Road – for a great version of paneer 65

(Also… this guide is about Sandringham village, but if you want a whole store specialising in this food, try Bombay Chinese in Queen St)


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