Dosa is a thin, crisp pancake made from a batter of rice flour and lentil flour, usually served rolled like a tube. It is a staple of south India where it is served for breakfast and throughout the day in homes, street stalls and restaurants.

Meanwhile, a hopper is a similar Sri Lankan dish. It’s made with rice and lentil flour in a bowl shape and has a thin fried egg in it. Try this at 7 Siri in Sandringham.

You might also want to try idli which are small rice cakes also served with sambar and chutney.

Where to eat dosa in Sandringham

The south Indian specialists are Satya and Venky’s – Satya for a more atmospheric dining (draped scarves across the ceiling, good plates, brass cutlery) and Venky’s being the cheaper canteen-style option (wipe-clean polyurethane draping tables). Both are good.

  • Satya  – 515 Sandringham Road
  • Venky’s – 535 Sandringham Road

The Sri Lankan specialist is 7 Siri where you can try hoppers (and lots of other unique Sri Lankan dishes like lump rice)

  • 7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka – 580 Sandringham Road

What to try

Classic dosa is served with sambar, which is a thin lentil and vegetable dal, and coconut chutney (at Satya this is listed as butter plain dosa).

You can also have dosa filled with something like spiced masala potatoes, or served with a curry on the side.

You’ll see chopped onion listed separately as added to some dosa and this is because some strands of Hinduism don’t eat root vegetables including onion, garlic and potato.

Rava dosa (found at Venky’s and Satya) is made with rice flour and semolina flour rather than rice and lentil flours.

Venky’s does an egg dosa, which is a specialty, with a fried egg thinly cooked across the surface of the dosa before rolling. It is $7 with sambar and chutney.


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